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Visiting Birmingham Bullring?

There's so much to see and do

## Birmingham Bullring Bull ##There has been some kind of market on this site since the Middle Ages when it was known as 'Corn Cheaping' (in reference to the corn markets at the time). The name Bull Ring came from the piece of green within Corn Cheaping where Bull baiting used to take place, and the iron ring that was used to tie Bulls up before being slaughtered. The words were only joined together in 21st Century.

It started trading legally as a market in 1154 when a charter of marketing rights was granted by Henry II to Peter de Bermingham (a local land owner).

A textile trade started to grow in the area, as well as becoming the meeting place for political protests and preaching, with the statue of Nelson being the focal point. Nelsons statue is now situated overlooking St Martins Church in the pedestrianised area between the 2 sections of The Bullring.

## Inside Birmingham Bullring ##

In 2004 the Bullring was named as the busiest shopping centre in the UK attracting more than 36.5 million shoppers! It houses one of only four Selfridges department stores as well as a large Debenhams, and has revitalised the area.

It is easily accessed from New St Station (just a 5 minute walk) and also from Moor St Station.

It also has it's own car park with 3,000 parking spaces.

Many people book a hotel near the Bullring and spend a couple of days shopping and sightseeing around the City - there's so much to do!

Opening times are: Mon-Fri 10am - 8pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

Contact: 0121 632 1526

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