Friday, 10 May 2013

Do you own a B&B and have photo's of your dogs?

As dog lovers we were wondering how many of you B&B owners have a dog (or two) and how many of you include photo's on your website?

You might know that we have 2 boys, Charlie the Springer Spaniel and Harry the cocker spaniel. Both are rescue's, Charlie came to us from Dogs Trust in Kenilworth but had apparently come from Ireland where they have a dreadful stray problem. Harry was a private rescue and is a very special boy as he is autistic - we have to do everything in the same order for him or it really upsets him! We can't even feed him in a new place or he wont eat it, he would just guard it for days... he's a lovely loving boy but he has taken a long time to understand bless him.


Dog 2

If you have any pet pictures we'd love to see them! Maybe you feature them on your website like we do - take a look at our Pet friendly hotels and B&Bs page!

Our boys add a special quality to our lives, walking them in all weathers they're always so happy. We hope you get the same amount of pleasure from your furry kids! :)

Posted by The Site Doctor Ltd on Friday, 10 May 2013 09:07